Bond graphs

Communicate and share your ideas esealy with bond graphs. Document your projet !

How to use the generator 

At the top you can see the workspace and below, the edition zone with four tabs

  • Sub-assemblies
  • Links
  • Edit
  • Export

Step by step tutorial

Crank connecting rod system

Make your first graph in seconds with copo !

Create a first part "bielle" or "Crank" in orange

Unzoom to see both subassemblies. The new one may be hidden at the top-right corner.

Create a second sub-assembly called "manivelle" or "Connecting_rod" and move it 

You can also move the whole graph by dragging an empty space

Let's create a third sub-assembly nammed "coulisseau" or "slider" in violet

Move the parts as you wish

Rendez-vous in "links" tab

Add a link "PG" (Sliding pivot) nammed "PG_Coulisseau" or "SPslider" (You can also select anotther name but please avoid  "–" and "I_"

You new link appears

Do the same for 

  1. Pivot between violetand orange
  2. LA (Sliding sphere) between violet and orange
  3. Pivot between blue and green 

Oops ! The sliding sphere link was between green and orange !

Let's edit the link ! You can also delete it, or delete sub-assemblies.

Rendez-vous in "Edit" tab

Edit the link by clicking on it in the workspace. It will appear in the Edit tab just opened

Change the violet part for the orange one and validate

Well done!